For centuries men have celebrated giving up their individuality and the opportunity to sleep with multiple women (well…without being judged) by organising one last night of simulated singledom – the Bucks party.  The hype that surrounds these things is huge. Everyone expects a wild night of debauchery that will at least be a story for […]

Our article How to Identify a Creep has drawn a lot of interest from readers and was even retweeted by renowned FBI expert Joe Navarro. There is of course one problem – it’s fine looking for tips on how to spot a creep that isn’t you but your average creep has no idea that they are a […]

In response to comments by George Lucas that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was perhaps an unimaginary rip-off of A New Hope, radicalised Jedihists burst into the Skywalker Ranch and beheaded him with what police described as a ‘shimmering sharp weapon.’ Police were called to the ranch at 2.30 am on January 2 to find […]

There are two types of campers The first type is either a fugitive or a vagrant. This person hides in dense bushland or forests, far away from the peering eyes of suspicious housewives or the faint screams of police sirens. He’ll steal whatever he can from farms in order to survive and he’ll move frequently, […]

We’ve all been there. A friend’s girlfriend, a colleague or a reader of your lighthearted blog post has taken offence at something you’ve said but you can’t figure out why they’re so upset. The reality is that we live in an age when a person’s feelings count for more than logic and it is the […]

Our guest shrink offers tips on escaping awkward conversations The conversation lock or conlock occurs when you are out socially and get stuck in a painfully boring conversation with somebody that is nigh on impossible to get out of. The writer witnessed a conlock so severe a few nights back the victim would have had […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens worldwide this weekend to new box office records and merchandise sales. Presumably a few Bears will take a girl on a date to see it so we’ve shoe-horned this review into the blog in this basis. My co-author and I are die hard Star Wars fans and have spent […]